Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall is my Favorite

I'm back and it's already November.  It was just summer and we were in Oahu and now it's time to think about this beautiful time of the year.  Making  a scrapbook with Halloween and harvest photos is my favorite!  So I started with black cardstock with scalloped edges that measured 6 x 12 inches.

After cutting, the two large pieces were adhered back-to-back and used for the scrapbook pages.   Tags were made from the small pieces and placed between each large page. Holes were punched and rings inserted to hold the pages.  Then the real fun, embellishing the pages and tags with all the cool fall and spooky stuff out there this season.

and this is my fall center piece this year!

and lastly, favorite Halloween pic - Brian & Danielle's dog Monkey aka 'lil bumblebee.

Be back soon to share my Modge Podge pumpkins.